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Overheated Media Mission Statement

Overheated Media is the film outlet for writer/producer/director Jesse Miksic, a graphic designer and film and video artist with a Masters Degree in Media Studies from New School University.

Overheated Media is named for a principle articulated by Marshall McLuhan, that any medium, pushed to its limit, will undergo a sudden change, effectively reversing its trajectory.  Today, the limit of filmmaking is the limit of all media – digital and analog, photographic, cinematic, musical, tactile, sequential, and environmental.  Overheated Media is an attempt to harness all of these in favor of a personal cinematic vision: the exploration of pure human stories, with due attention to all their microscopic and macroscopic moments.

The filmmaker’s failure is his inability to commit to a single medium, mode, or method.  His solution is to ignore the problem.

About the Director

Jesse Miksic is a graphic designer living in Brooklyn, New York, with a BA in graphic design and philosophy, and an MA in Media Studies from The New School. He is also a writer, a cinephile, a photographer, and especially an independent filmmaker, working with associates and funding his own film projects. Overheated Media is his filmmaking outlet, founded in 2008 with the release of the Midnight Snack music video.

Jesse’s blog, Benefit of the Doubt, can be found at http://benefitofthedoubt.miksimum.com/

Key Collaborators

Emily Rose Parman, Production Designer

Emily Rose (Ruby to her compatriots) is a 20-something Midwestern girl currently residing in New York City.

When she is not cooking or singing she battles the forces of evil (i.e. all things maudlin, dreary and bland) by injecting the world around her with her own personal antidote: a suspended solution of 38% kitsch, 35% cheek, 23% class, 15% whimsy and her secret ingredient... 1% glamour. That's 112%!

Discover more about Emily at http://www.lehottomato.com/

Rachel Mooney, Director of Photography

Photographer, designstress, multiple award winner (DCist photography competition), resident of Washington DC. Rachel supplies a flawless eye for angles, composition, framing, and expression in Overheated Media's key productions. Follow her past and current work on her website:


Josh Anderson, Assistant Director, Composer

Josh is a graduate of Columbia University and an alumnus of EdLab, the educational technology program at Teacher's College. He is a musician, a technician, and a clinician, and he has made invaluable contributions to numerous projects. He is also a proficient brother-in-law.